Usage agreement



1. Noon Holding BV (trade name Werkplek Spaarne 60), established in Haarlem at Spaarne 60, is legally represented for this agreement by Jos Koch, Managing Director, hereinafter referred to as: "user";


2. User (company or private individual).

The parties shall be taken into account:

  • The user is a tenant of office space located at Spaarne 60.
  • Within this office space, the user has the possibility to offer others to co-use this space.
  • The purpose of the agreement is expressly not to enter into a rental agreement, but the integral use, including services and additional products for the shared use of the space.
  • User wishes to use part of this office space temporarily.

The parties hereby agree as follows:

Article 1 the space

  1. For the period of [as agreed], a workplace, the User may make joint use of the office space at the Spaarne 60, Haarlem, for a maximum of [as agreed] in total.
  2. User grants the (co-) use of:
    • kitchen
    • storage space
    • toilet
    • lounge sofa
  3. Additional services are use of:
    • Wifi/Internet
    • Desk with chair
    • ¬†Refrigerator, coffee machine, etc.
    • Coffee and tea
    • Electricity, heating, water
    • Floor covering and other upholstery
  4. At the end of a working day, the user must return the workplace free, in good condition and vacated.

Article 2 Maintenance obligation

1. During the term of this agreement, the User will carry out (or have carried out) all necessary cleaning and maintenance work on the room.

2. The user is obliged to compensate or repair any damage caused by him or someone for whom he is liable.

3. The user shall provide adequate insurance for the aforementioned damage (business third party liability).

4. User is not responsible and insured for theft and fire damage to User's property during or outside office hours.

Article 3 financial

1. The fee is [as agreed] exclusive of VAT. The fee must be paid in advance. Payment by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the user.

2. Should the user fail to fulfil one or more obligations arising from this agreement in whole or in part, all costs (both judicial and extrajudicial) shall be for the account of the user.

Article 4 termination

1. The user is entitled to terminate this agreement without legal intervention and without notice:

- in case of two months' arrears,

- in case of nuisance or hindrance after 2 written warnings.

3. The User may not terminate the contract prematurely, with the exception of the aforementioned grounds, with the exception of termination for personal use. In that case, the User may terminate the contract by giving three months' notice at the end of a calendar month.

4. In the event of termination, the User is not entitled to any form of compensation, compensation for goodwill or other payment.

Article 5 miscellaneous

1. User does not have the right to a fixed workplace.

2. User undertakes not to cause any nuisance or inconvenience.

3. User does not have the right to build his own bell.

4. The User is not entitled to use Spaarne 60 as a postal address.

5. Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays

6. On his/her working days, the user is given access to the premises by means of a digital key (with the Tapkey app).

7. The user is not permitted to leave property outside office hours without separate approval from the user.

8. The user is not allowed to invite guests/customers without the separate approval of the user.

9. The user is not permitted to bring pets with him/her without the separate approval of the user.

10. It is not allowed to place additional refrigerators and/or electric heaters in the room.

Article 6 Applicable law

Dutch law shall apply to this agreement. In case of any disputes, the court that has jurisdiction in the district where Haarlem falls to the exclusion of others.